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Group coaching for a good mindset in Antwerp

Would you like to follow group coaching to develop a strong mindset in East Flanders or Antwerp? Then you are at the right place with Yasmina Fadli. The “PIONEER for your future program” is a three month LIVE group coaching program. This is for teens who struggle to give voice to their emotions, who have doubts and fears, and who are frustrated or unsure about their future.

Find a group coaching with me for a strong mindset in Antwerp and East Flanders

Since I started coaching teenagers fifteen years ago, I have been asked by them to develop a program where they can receive guidance and mentoring. As teens for more questions, I listen and facilitate. This program was developed as an affordable gateway so that teens can receive guidance as they shape their lives and dreams as their own leaders . You will find that with my group coaching for the right mindset in Antwerp and East Flanders. As an empowerment coach , I am committed to any teen who wants to discover and explore the path to their brilliant future, as a team or alone. In this way I share my knowledge and experience of the past twenty years, for the benefit of teenagers who want to see more perspective and discover more possibilities. With the group coaching in Antwerp and East Flanders for a strong mindset you help yourself as a teenager.


Create your vision

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve
  • Dream bigger and feel the passion to make them come true
  • Develop an action plan to build that bright future
  • Connect with your true purpose and see how it contributes more to your success than anything you’ve learned so far

Connect with your True Identity

  • Discover your pure and powerful qualities
  • Strategies to replace your negative self-talk with a positive one
  • How do you transform your story to become the fuel that motivates you to move forward
  • Use the power of authenticity to create more impact on your environment

Adopt a Gladiator Mindset

  • Unleash your Growth Mindset to build a successful life
  • Transform your mind to shift from seeing obstacles to seeing possibilities instead
  • Tips on how to rise and get noticed in a world full of posers
  • Strategies to get what you want and deserve

Included is

A workbook to complete and reflect

6 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

Insights into the most important keys to help you build your brilliant future

Techniques, support, and guidance to encourage you

Private community of like-minded teens

A safe place to grow and share experiences with others

What if I don't have the means

to pay for this program

My program is for every teenager

Many teenagers do not have the resources to invest in group coaching for the mindset in Antwerp and East Flanders. I understand that because 30 years ago I was in the same situation. Do not worry! My mission is not to leave a single teenager behind, remember? I am fully committed if you are. That’s why I work with applications. If you show me that you want it and how you’re going to bet, chances are you’ll get free access to this program!

Sign up for this program today

Answer the questions in the questionnaire on issues such as self-doubt and explain to me why you should be selected to participate in this exclusive program. Contact us via the email hello@yasminafadli.com or the number +32 476 97 99 19 . You can also sign up for group coaching via the contact form to improve your mindset in Antwerp and East Flanders.

* Before you can participate, even if you can make the investment, I would like you to motivate why you want to participate in this program.

Your motivation determines whether I will admit you to this exclusive program.