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Guide To Self Love.

This ebook is a guide to develop more selflove.
Discover how to increase your self-esteem and become ‘wildly’ successful.

You're Enough And You're Worth It

Are you always looking to others to praise you, to love you, to see you, to be validated?
Do you also live with the fear of being judged, rejected or not liked?

You are not alone!

This ebook will help you go within and activate the power of authenticity. It will help you in showing yourself to the world, unapolegetically.

Discover who you really are

Only when you know who you are and what drives you can start to fully accept yourself. Reconnect with your pure and powerful qualities and see how they can help you.

Free yourself

Free yourself from the yoke of the expectations of others.
Do your research and give yourself permission
to discover which diamond you are.
Dare to be Yourself.

Position yourself powerfully

Show yourself as you are, embrace your worth and put it out there in the world. Understand that there are people waiting for you, who will benefit from what you bring.

control your thoughts

Become aware of your thoughts, they are the gateways to your emotions, which in turn drive your behavior. Increase your selflove by changing the meaning you give to external events.

Hi, I am

Yasmina Fadli

“The world needs you. There is no better time than now to go all out for what you want to achieve. The time is now to activate your potential and discover your inner strength.

You are more powerful than you think.
You are enough and you are worth it!

I am here to remind you of your greatness and I am here to support you on the way there. I am the greatest cheerleader you will ever meet.”