Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions

In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
1.1 Client
The natural person, partnership, company or legal person who calls on the services of 1Life BV.
1.2 1Life BV
1life BV is the contractor, with registered office in 2000 Antwerp, Pottenbrug 3 box 212 with company number 0700.254.183, which also trades under the name Corporate Game Changers.
1.3 Services
All performances performed by 1Life BV, which can be described as follows in a non-exhaustive manner:

  • giving and organizing workshops, retreats, training and courses;
  • coaching;
  • consulting

1.4 Quotation
An offer setting out the services to be provided and stating the applicable terms and conditions and the price

Article 2. Application of general terms and conditions

2 .1 These general terms and conditions apply to all quotations and agreements of 1Life BV and during the entire cooperation between the parties.

2.2 General terms and conditions in documents of the client do not automatically apply to 1Life BV. In the event of conflicting provisions, these general terms and conditions will prevail over any other general terms and conditions of the client. Any deviations from the current general terms and conditions can only be made in writing and only relate to the stated provision(s). All other provisions remain fully applicable.

2.3 The client is deemed to be aware of these general terms and conditions and to accept them without reservation by:

  • the online/offline registration for a specific training/course; OR
  • the written confirmation of the acceptance of the offer from 1Life BV via any channel; OR
  • signing the agreement with 1Life BV.

Article 3. Offer - Conclusion of the agreement

3.1 All offers and quotations of 1Life BV are without obligation until the moment of acceptance by the customer. Each offer from 1Life BV has a maximum period of validity of 14 days, unless the offer deviates from this in writing.

3.2 An agreement with 1Life BV is concluded when the client:

  • signs the quotation and returns it via any channel within the stipulated period; or
  • confirms his/her registration via the relevant web form when registering online; or
  • in the case of coaching/consultancy, by signing the agreement.

3.3 All offers and agreements are personal and not transferable to third parties. Each agreement supersedes all previously concluded and/or oral agreements except where indicated otherwise.

3.4 1Life BV is only bound if the client accepts the offer/quotation under the conditions drawn up by 1Life BV or – in case of deviation from the initial quotation – after prior written confirmation of the deviation by 1Life BV.

Article 4. Price - payment methods

4.1  The prices in the offers of 1Life BV are exclusive of VAT and other costs that are not included in the agreement (such as shipping costs, transport costs, travel costs, costs of third parties, etc. – an example list).  

4.2  Services that fall outside the agreed and described order are qualified as ‘extra work’, whereby 1Life BV can invoice this above the agreed price at the usual rates.  

4.3  The full price is due as soon as the agreement has been concluded. The invoices are payable in cash or by bank transfer within 10 days of the invoice date, with the exception of courses or training courses or events with ‘open registration’, which must be paid immediately and in full via the payment form on the website. 

4.4  If an invoice is not paid by the due date of the  invoice, all invoices, whether due or not, become immediately due and payable. In addition, the client is legally and without prior notice of default:  

  • on the one hand, late payment interest amounting to 12% from the due date of the invoice until the date of full payment; 
  • on the other hand, a lump-sum compensation amounting to 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of EUR 75.00. All this subject to 1Life BV to increase the compensation in case of proven damage. All costs associated with the payment are the sole responsibility of the client. 
  • in the event of non-payment, 1Life BV is entitled to suspend its further performance after simple notification 

Article 5. Execution of the agreement

5.1 Commitments of 1Life BV

a. 1Life BV undertakes to perform its services with the greatest care, professional competence and to the best of its ability.

b. The services provided by 1Life are an obligation of effort and not an obligation of result.

c. In view of the nature of the service, 1Life BV cannot give any guarantees with regard to the – often personal – end result and, more specifically, cannot guarantee that the participation of the client will lead to the client:

  • achieve a level of personal, financial or professional success;
  • will achieve the desired goals or improvements;

d. The client expressly accepts that 1Life BV cannot give any guarantees with regard to the end result and cannot obtain a refund of the price in the event of dissatisfaction with the end result, except in the case of proven error on the part of 1Life BV.

e. 1Life BV may change the location or dates indicated in the agreement without refund to the client, provided the new date can take place within 12 months.

f. The services of 1Life BV do not involve medical or paramedical therapy. 1Life BV also does not provide medical, legal, accounting or tax advice in any way.

g. 1Life BV is not obliged to reimburse the costs that the client may have incurred with third parties. Including but not limited to travel expenses, rental cars, lost business opportunities, or diminished income (non-exhaustive list).

5.2 Obligations of the client

a. The client or the participant nominated by the client participates in services of an educational nature. In view of the commonly used group format, not all materials, information and methods are fully applicable to every client, his/her business setting or personal situation. The client acknowledges that 1Life BV cannot be aware of all individual details surrounding them, the business, profession or personal situation.

b. The result of the services partly depends on the degree of input/deployment of the client and/or participant. The methods and information provided by 1Life BV are not all-encompassing and advisory in nature. The client is free to further apply the materials and information to its own situation.

c. The client acknowledges that the services of 1Life BV do not include psychological, psychiatric or other form of therapy

Article 6. Suspension & termination options of the agreement

6.1 By 1Life BV

a. If an invoice is not paid on time or if the client fails to comply with other agreed obligations, 1Life BV reserves the right to suspend the performance of any performance or obligations under the agreement that may still be performed, after simple notification until the invoice has been paid, or the right to refuse the client’s participation in further activities. 1Life BV does not owe any compensation for this and determines itself when it can provide the services again.

b. 1Life BV has the right to dissolve the agreement if circumstances arise on the part of the client that make further cooperation impossible or if it is of the opinion that no favorable result can be achieved as a result of a lack of input / commitment on the part of the client and/or participant. can obtain.

c. When 1Life proceeds to suspension and/or dissolution in accordance with art. 6.1 or 6.2, it is in no way obliged to compensate damage and costs to the client and/or the participant.

d. If the client and/or participant cannot participate in the activities due to proven force majeure, 1Life BV offers the following options:

  • the course can be taken at a later date; or
  • the respective amount of the assignment can be used in exchange for another course or workshop given at 1Life BV.

e. 1Life BV has the right to cancel a training, coaching, course or other service or to refuse the client and/or participant without stating reasons , in which cases the client has the right to obtain a refund of the outstanding balance within 14 days. . Services already performed and/or costs incurred can never be the subject of a refund.

f. 1Life BV may, in its sole discretion, change, remove, add and/or replace the educational content and materials of the provided services at any time with anything other than what is described in the marketing materials, without refunding any amounts paid to client and/or participant .

6.2 By the client

a. The cancellation of an assignment can only be made in writing within three (3) working days from the date of registration or registration, clearly stating your wish to cancel. This letter must clearly state (i) who you are and under which name you are registered, (ii) clearly state which service you wish to cancel, and (iii) must be sent by email to connect@1life.be or by registered letter. written to 1Life BV to the address of the registered office.

b. If the client cancels in accordance with all the conditions in art. 6.2.a, 1Life BV will proceed with a refund and this within 60 calendar days from the date that the cancellation is received by the client, after deduction of transaction costs associated with the refund. If bonus items were bundled with the purchase of a service (such as eg free participation in another service), the cost of these given bonus items will be deducted from the refund.

With any cancellation in accordance with art. 6.2.a, the client must return all received material to the address of the registered office of 1Life BV and this at the latest within 60 calendar days. 1Life BV reserves the right to withhold reimbursement until all materials have been properly received. If the material is not received within 60 calendar days, the cost of the material will be deducted from the refund (including shipping costs).

c. If the cancellation is only made after 3 working days from the date of registration or registration and purchase of the services or failure to attend the services, 1Life BV will not owe any refund.

d. The cancellation or premature termination of the assignment is possible, but this does not entitle the client to a refund or postponement of payment.

e. A verbal cancellation or via text message/other social media is not accepted.

f. In the event that an individual session (coaching, consultancy, workshop) cannot take place due to the fault of the client, the client must communicate this to 1Life BV at least 24 hours in advance. If this does not happen, 1Life BV is obliged to charge cancellation costs in the amount of the individual coaching session.

Article 7. Force majeure

7.1 1Life BV is not liable if, as a result of a force majeure situation, it is unable to fulfill its obligations under the agreement – in whole or in part. Any unforeseeable and unavoidable event that constitutes an insurmountable obstacle to the performance of the contractual obligations is qualified as a force majeure situation. During the entire period of force majeure, the obligations under the agreement are suspended.

7.2 In the event of illness of the speaker or another act of force majeure, 1Life BV can reschedule all or part of the services without any compensation or refund being owed to the client. However, if 1Life BV cannot plan a new date within twelve months after the initially planned moment, the client is entitled to a refund for the services that have not taken place.

7.3 If 1Life BV has already been able to provide part of its services up to the moment of the force majeure situation, 1Life BV has the right to separately invoice the part already fulfilled or to be fulfilled.

7.4 If the force majeure situation lasts longer than three months, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part, without compensation for any damage or losses to the other party.


Article 8. Complaints

8.1 The client and/or the participant are obliged to report and motivate any complaints immediately, but no later than 8 calendar days after delivery of the service, by registered letter, failing which the client and/or participant will be deemed to have agreed with the delivered service and to have renounced all rights and powers that are available to the client on the basis of the law and/or agreement.

8.2 1Life BV undertakes to treat every complaint accurately and confidentially.

Article 9. Liability 1Life BV

9.1 1Life BV is fully committed to optimally executing all activities, both substantive and organisational, related to the assignment.

However, 1Life BV is in no way liable for any damage, of whatever nature, in which reference is made by way of example to:

a. the legally valid dissolution of the agreement cfr. Article 6 or due to force majeure;

b. the cancellation of 1Life BV, provided this is done in time and provides for the repayment of the subscription price to the client;

c. the participation in one of the described services and damage is caused as a result (for example: accidents during sessions)

d. failure to achieve certain results or objectives;

e. delays in the agreed performance

f. all types of indirect damage, consequential damage, trading loss, loss of profit and/or loss suffered, delay damage, …

g. all types of immaterial damage

9.2 If there is an attributable shortcoming in the performance of the services and which is the result of incorrect behavior on the part of 1Life BV, the client must formally declare 1Life BV in default by registered letter within 8 calendar days after the discovery of the shortcoming. If 1Life BV can remedy the shortcoming in kind within a reasonable period of time, no compensation is due.

9.3 1Life BV is in the case of art. 9.2. only liable for direct, material damage. On the one hand, the compensation is limited to:

a. the total amount as invoiced in the agreement; or

b. if no exact price has been determined for the assignment, up to the amount of the probable total price. For assignments with a duration of more than one year, the price is set at the total fees for one year.

In any case, 1Life BV’s liability is limited to the basic amount for which its insurer provides cover.

9.4 Any liability of 1Life BV with regard to the client and/or the participant lapses, unless otherwise agreed, after six months from the day on which the assignment is terminated by completion, dissolution or cancellation.

Article 10. Liability of the client

10.1 The client and/or participant is responsible for the correctness, timeliness, reliability and completeness of all data, information and documents that it provides to 1Life BV.

10.2 The client indemnifies 1Life BV against all claims from third parties for compensation of damage, insofar as this damage remains or must remain for the account of the client under these general terms and conditions and/or the agreement.

10.3 The client indemnifies 1Life BV and its appointees against liability claims from participants and/or third parties related to the services and/or materials provided by 1Life BV.

10.4 If the client fails to fulfill its obligations under this agreement with regard to 1Life BV, the client is liable for all direct and indirect damage that 1Life BV has suffered as a result.

10.5 The client may not transfer its contractual rights and obligations, unless with the express written and prior consent of 1Life BV. The client remains jointly and severally liable for all obligations with regard to 1Life BV, even if the transfer is valid.

Article 11. Confidentiality

11.1 1Life BV must keep all information provided by the client and/or participant in connection with this agreement – or learned during the execution of the agreement (hereinafter referred to as ‘Confidential Information’) – secret and not to distribute it to third parties, or for any purpose other than those contained in this Agreement, except when:

  • this is required by law, court or administrative order; or 
  • any information is already in the public domain, or 
  • to the extent it is necessary to provide this information to its employees, agents or subcontractors for the purpose of the performance of this agreement by one of the parties, their professional advisers or their insurance agents, in which case the employees, agents, subcontractors, counselors or insurance agents are required to comply with the provisions of this article. 

This confidentiality obligation applies both during the execution of the agreement and up to three years after the termination of the agreement. 

11.2 The client will not mention the name of 1Life BV in the context of this agreement, nor will the client disclose the existence of this agreement, unless with written permission from 1Life BV.

This provision will, among other things (not be exhaustive) apply if the client (himself or through third parties) makes or has published publications relating to the services and/or the agreement.

The client must obtain the written permission of 1Life BV for this, failing which 1Life BV has the right to recover from the client for all damage that would result from this.

The client must also refrain from photographing or filming the equipment, installations, buildings or property of 1Life BV, unless with the prior written consent of 1Life BV, in which case the intellectual rights attached to these images will remain exclusively with 1Life BV .

Article 12. Data protection (GDPR)

12.1 Under this Agreement, either party may obtain personal information from the other party, such as contact details and details of professional experience and activities. In this regard, each of the parties, in their capacity as data processor, shall comply with their obligations under applicable law, including the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data (the “law” ) as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

12.2 The data provided will only be processed by 1Life BV to the extent that the processing is necessary for the execution of the agreement and in particular for planning, managing and managing the business activities of 1Life BV and, where appropriate, to to involve the client / self-employed person in these activities.

12.3 Any person whose personal data is processed has the right to access his/her personal data and the right to have it corrected in case of inaccuracies. With regard to personal data processed by 1Life BV, this right can be exercised via the email address  connect@1Life.be .

12.4 Personal data of the client and/or third parties will not be sold or sent to third parties, nor made public.

Article 13. Intellectual property

13.1 1Life BV reserves all rights and powers to which it is entitled under the Copyright Act or other applicable regulations regarding intellectual property rights. The copyright on all expressions, in whatever form or through whatever medium, of 1Life BV (including presentations, published brochures, website texts, projects, course material, sound recordings, playlists, meditations, etc. 5this list is an example) rests with 1Life BV.

13.2 Texts, models, methods, meditations, presentations, sound recordings, playlists and instruments that are developed and/or applied by 1Life BV are and remain the property of 1Life BV or the person entitled to those expressions. Publication, provision to third parties or forms of disclosure thereof (whether or not in part) is only possible with prior written permission from 1Life.

13.3 All documents provided by 1Life BV may not be made public or made known to third parties by the client and/or participant without the prior written consent of 1Life, unless due to the nature of the documents provided or in the context of the agreement between the parties. otherwise arises and the client has fulfilled all its obligations under the agreement.

13.4 The client is prohibited from making sound recordings of coaching sessions, training and/or courses of 1Life BV.

13.5 The client gives permission for the recording and display of his/her name, likeness and image associated with his/her person, in photos, images, or audiovisual recordings made by 1Life BV, as well as in publicity for 1Life BV, unless the client is within the eight days after the conclusion of the agreement and at least five days before the event by email to 1Life BV. that he does not wish to grant this permission.

1Life BV has the sublicensable and worldwide right to use the client’s personal data with regard to photos and audiovisual recordings, without any geographical or temporal limitation. Possible uses include, but are not limited to, the recording, display, editing, licensing, distribution and integration into other works in any form (e.g. hard copy or electronic) such as posters, publications, websites, films or videos, to promote 1Life’s goods, services or work environment, without any obligation for 1Life to request permission each time. The Client hereby gives his/her irrevocable permission to use this material to duplicate it (in whole or in part), distribute and make available to the public in edited or unedited form for the purposes of public relations, marketing and advertising. This includes all forms in which the Material will be used, in particular corporate publications (including reports, flyers, advertisements, digital media, interactive media), all online media, such as the internet (websites, banners, newsletters, PR Blogs/forums , social media platforms) and intranet, television and film, radio, cinema, mobile telephony, presentations at events and trade fairs, use at points of sale/customer centers, regardless of the technology used.

13.6 The client guarantees compliance by the participant with the obligations under this article.

Article 14. Nullity

If any provision of the terms and conditions is void, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Article 15. Jurisdiction

15.1 Belgian law applies exclusively to all agreements with 1Life BV.

15.2 Any dispute regarding the conclusion, validity, execution and/or termination of this agreement will be settled by the courts with jurisdiction over the registered office of 1Life BV.

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