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With 15+ years experience in personal coaching, I have helped countless individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. Through a personalized approach I guide my clients towards their next best version, empowering them to live their most fulfilling lives.

Regain Your Power (videocourse)

Designed to help you regain control of your life, your career or your business and empower you to achieve the goals you desire and above all deserve. This videocourse helps you identify your limiting beliefs, set healthy boundaries, build self-confidence, boost self-worth, and develop a growth mindset.

€ 98,-

What's Included:

6 webinars covering following topics: Vision, Identity, Mindset, Success Strategies, Your Brilliant Future and Forward Moving Action

Self-reflection workbook

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3 Month Clarity & Confidence

This program is designed to help individuals gain clarity and confidence in their personal and professional lives. We will work together to identify your goals, values, and strengths, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

€ 611,- paid in full (or 3 monthly payments of €224,-)

What's Included:

6 coaching sessions, up to a maximum of 75 minutes each, in person at my office or online (your choice)

Your Personal Development Action Plan

Access to the Regain Your Power videocourse, including workbook.
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1,5 Hour Breakthrough Session

A focused and intensive coaching session that is designed to help you achieve a significant breakthrough. We work together to explore your goals and aspirations, as well as the obstacles or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I help you to gain clarity and insight in your situation and determine how to move forward.

€ 125,-

What's Included:

1 intensive coaching session, up to a maximum of 90 minutes, in person at my office or online (your choice)

Your Personal Development Action Plan

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Career Coaching

Career Development Coaching is designed to help individuals clarify their professional goals, identify areas of growth and development, and create a plan to achieve success. We will assess your skills, interests, values, and identify potential career or growth paths that align with your personal and professional objectives.

€ 80,- (only if you are eligible to career vouchers)

What's Included:

7 Breakthrough Sessions, up to 60 minutes in person (in my office) or online

Your Personal Development Action Plan

Access to the Regain Your Power videocourse, including workbook
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Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

A coach can offer you guidance, support, and a different perspective to help you create the life you desire and overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life. It’s a collaborative process that can empower you to activate and reach your full potential. So, take a leap of faith and see how coaching can benefit you.

Not for everyone

My personality and coaching style are not for everyone. And I accept that. I am not here to coach everyone.
I am a high-energy, passionate, enthusiastic, driven, ambitious person that is focused on your growth. And therefor I will be honest and direct whilst offering you empathy, care and a whole lot of encouraging support.

What can I expect

Expect to be challenged, inspired, and empowered to reach new heights in your personal and professional life.

Expect to become non-negotiable about the life you want to create and the person you want to become. You will become more determined, have more clarity and confidence and experience more freedom.

How does it work?

Each coaching process is different because everyone I work with is different. My coaching is highly personal and always customized to meet your unique needs and goals. And I will  adjust my approach as needed to ensure progress is being made.

Together we work at identifying what you really desire, we work at who you are and who you want to be and we look at what mindset is needed to take forward moving steps.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of coaching sessions you need to change your life, business or career can vary depending on several factors, such as your desires and goals, the complexity of your challenges, and your level of commitment. Some people may see significant changes in just a few sessions, while others may require several months of consistent coaching to achieve their desired outcomes. Ultimately, the goal of coaching is to help you create sustainable change in your life, business or career, and this will take time and effort.