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Transforming Lives , one satisfied client at a time!


“After working with Yasmina, I know better what I want and who I am. I now focus on the future and on my vision, and no one is going to stop me from realizing my vision."



“I found it difficult to put myself first. Working with Yasmina has resulted in greater self-confidence, less fear of rejection and being happier in general. Yasmina is a coach who makes a huge difference."

Brigitte Baeten

“Do not hesitate, just do it! The Regain Your Power course is highly recommended. What you is what you get with Yasmina. She supports and encourages you, gives you feedback and empowers you to go to your next level."

Katerhina Swings


“Regain Your Power helps you to develop your vision. And it helps you reflect on what is burried inside of you. It truly helps you activate your full potential."


“The biggest insight I gained is that the world does not end when I set healthy boundaries. On the contrary, by stating my boundaries I discover new opportunities and new doors open for me."

Fatima B.


“Yasmina challenged me to approach things from a focused, positive angle without sacrificing empaty. This made me feel heard and encouraged to step out of my comfortzone."

B. Verhoeven

“Regain your Power has helped me transform my dreams in a real vision. And a personalized actionplan that creates new possibilities. I understand better now how I have been sabotaging myself. Yasmina is very inspiring, authentic and powerful. Her approach is empowering and supportive. She is fully committed to growth. I can highly recommend her and her program."

An Martens


“The Regain Your Power journey has helped me to describe my emotions. never learned that. By describing my emotions better, I can make a more meaningful and authentic connections with others. That is not only super valuable for my life but for my career too. "