24 December 2022

2 simple ways to enhance your growth mindset

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2 Simple Ways to Enhance your growth mindset

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t really feel great. There are days when I have low energy, moody or tired. Then I’m not the best company. Do you recognize that?

What I know for sure is that days like these are part of being human. But what happens if you have a whole series of those days in a row, or if those days last for weeks, months or even years?  Many women feel that they are in a rut, that they are stuck or that they are tired of everything. However, most don’t know what to do to transform that feeling.

When you’re in a rut, you don’t have the energy or motivation to change things for the better. And it’s hard to find the insight or tools you’ll need to make the leap to change.

Here are two fun and easy ways you can use right now to break those days.

Do something differently

Life tends to run smoothly when we establish systems and routines for things, but the problem comes when things run too smoothly and we become blinded to any ideas or choices that sit outside of our routine or comfortzone.

Start by making one or two simple changes in your day – whether it’s your morning routine or the radio station you always listen to. Try meditating or doing breathing exercises in the morning before you start the day, or make time in the evening to read that book or course you’ve longed for, or take that walk after lunch.

Don’t worry about whether the change is right or wrong, just try something different.

Doing something differently or changing parts of your routine, instantly takes you out of the norm and allows you to shake off the things that make you feel confined. Step out of your routine and you’ll be in a position where you’re able to make different choices, see things differently and get a different result.

Use your intuition

Your intuition is a powerful ally, and you too can access it, even though you might not recognize it.

The dictionary describes intuition as follows: insight without thinking. In other words, the act or ability to know or feel without the use of rational processes.

And let this be something that women can use much more easily.

Tuning in to your intuition and learning to trust it is something that can produce truly remarkable effects. Accessing your intuition is a bit like working or developing a muscle. Unfortunately, it can be harder to find than a biceps or abs.

Here are some quick tips for accessing and trusting your intuition:

– Practice maintaining an open-minded, playful, experimental, non-judgmental attitude. This is the most fertile ground to tap into your intuition.

– Practice making wild guesses in your everyday life. Guess what a salesperson’s name is, what a new person or place will look like or who’s calling on the phone. Don’t worry about getting it wrong, you’re just working that muscle. Practice makes progress!

– Try a few simple observation exercises in your daily life. Whether you’re in a restaurant, on a train, in a bar, or out shopping, practice noticing non-verbal behavior in others. Look for shifts in posture, eye movements, vocal tone or tempo, etc. Guess how they’re feeling or what they’re talking about.

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